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499reality – TechFineArt Label

Music Production

FREAK JAZZ – MiDeRiC new Album out now

MiDeRiC's new album download links.
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MiDeRiC – Easter Egg New EP

Listen MiDeRiC's new EP Easter Egg - 3 Jazzy deep house track to blow your mind. Presented by 499 reality
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MiDeRiC – MOOD – New Album

Listen this fresh and new MiDeRiC's album. 7 tracks of pure jazzy deep house.
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TechFineArt is the generic name for all kind of technological fine art productions.  As a logical evolution of art, that has always been driven by technological evolutions, TechFineArt is the new global artistic movement that will grow and mark the 21st century.

As a response to the  technological grow in our surrounding, the creation of new sensors and tools, the permanent presence of computers in artistic productions, this new cathegory of art and artists needed a word to define their new practice.

#TechFineArt Photography

Enlighten Myths Part2 Shooting preview – 03

A new preview set of pictures for the Enlighten Myths project.
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Enlighten Myths part 02 – shooting previews-02

Some previews of the shooting for Enlighten myths part 2
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Enlighten Myths part 2 – shooting previews – 01

preview of the shootings for the second part of the project Enlighten Myths
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Enlighted Myths – By MiDeRiC – Projection mapping on bodies . Art and photography

the complete set of the first part of the fine art photography serie named "Enlighten Myths" made with automatic body recognition and projection mapping.
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TechFineArt expertise

Usefull everywhere, technology has imposed the standards of new media production and a full range of artistic practices raised and are growing faster and faster, revealing new talentuous artists. In this context a label with a technical expertise and knowledge has become necessary to produce and promote these arts : Digital art, 3d art, Generative design, Computer music, projection mapping, computer vision, interactive art, motion art, Virtual reality, augmented reality art, Art installs, cyber Art…

We call it techArt



Exhibition Enlighten Myths Centre candide – Genève 2019

Some pictures of the exhibition at Centre Candide in Geneva - January 2019
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Exhibition Monada – Les caves des volandes – Geneva

A video and some pictures of the exhibition in Geneva at Les caves des volandes
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portraits, art photography, kinect, projection, map tattoo, body projection, enlighten myths, projection mapping

Vernissage Exposition Enlighten Myths – 17 mars 2018

I am really proud to invite you all to discover my new ( and till now secret) art project
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3D Projection Mapping


Une sculpture pensée pour le mapping, habillée de design génératif . Install, Processing Design & Music by MiDeRiC
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Enlighten Myths – Projection mapping on bodies : the concept

the first video talking about the concept behind Enlighten myths . This video explain how the photography are shot
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Les Halles de L’île – AuRea on Stage – March 2016 – Geneva

video of the projection mapping at Les halles de l'ile in Geneva - 2016
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ETHNOTYPE- Music by MiDeRiC – AuRea Automode

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Geneva stadium

Teaser video of the Geneva stadium event Deco, projection mapping, 3D and light design
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Les terrasses de Genève

Some videos and pictures of the rel time projection mapping event at Geneva - audio reactive
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FineArt Label

A label is also a way to ensure artistic value in a world of virtual creations and productions. with a domeenering stance of more than 20 years of technologial art productions, we provide full support to our artists to ensure they achieve their artistic goals, and add value to their productions.
 Proud of this artistic point of view we ensure hight quality productions in term of artistic value and technological inclusion.


We provide full support to our artists on producing valutable tracks made with technology.
From recording to final production we help to grow and create.



EV2021 PromoVideo

permanent Interactive Art
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