AuRea 2.0

AuRea 2.0 is the main R&D project developed by 499 reality for 3d real time projection needs.

A powerful 3D real time synthesizer

Based on DX11 technology, AuRea is a real time 3D content synthesizer for PC. It uses the power of video games technologies to create real time animated content. The only limit is the video card power, like video games

Audio reactive and interactive

made for events or permanent projects, AuRea is Audio reactive and interactive.  our algorithm will define bpm and automatically adapt the motions, with different styles of music to ensure the best response. Aurea is Leap ready and Kinect 2 ready to increase  the interaction with real time contents

Made for art

Build like a audio synthesizer, AuRea has been designed to increase the live performances using external midi controllers. Automode, full live mode, define yourself all the contents in the same way you will produce an audio track. Structure is made of 8 tracks (layers) that plays patterns (5 for each track) and all this creates a scene. Up to 40 scenes for each project that can be played in automode or performing.

3D mapping to the next level

AuRea 2.0 includes 2 techniques to map your content on 3d support. more than a simple mapper, build or import your mesh, define your projector position and specs, place your spectator and AuRea will calculate the frustum scrolling for you.

The power of remote control

designed for professionals and big projections, AuRea is created to ensure the best end user experience in events shows. to ensure the more precise mapping, all the control parameters are remote ready, witch means you can easily use the interface on a laptop, moving in the scene and control one ore more computers base by wifi.

Stand alone or plugin

AuRea 2.0 is build with bridges to other mapping software. more than a stand alone powerful software, you can use it as a plugin for Resolume getting the 8 tacks separately as textures in your projects. this versatility will let you mix real videos on resolume with processed real time content from AuRea 2.0